To promote cultural exchange between Korea and the Philippines, the Korean Cultural Center (KCC) in the country has unveiled a new mural at its new location on Taguig’s Bayani Road.

The artwork, which is the handiwork of artist Jappy Agoncillo, tells of the convergence of South Korean and Filipino cultures – represented through two women dressed in traditional Filipiniana and South Korean garb. 

According to KCC Philippines, they partnered with the Metropolitan Museum for this project, which effectively showcases the collaboration between South Korea and the Philippines, specifically their cultures. 

Agoncillo said he wanted to convey the similarities between Filipinos and Koreans through the mural, which measures 6.7 m. in width and 4.8 m. in height.

“For the color palette, I really want to look at the Korean traditional elements and colors, especially the palace colors. I really want to have those strong colors represent[ed] in the mural,” he explained. 

KCC said that besides being an aesthetic feature, the mural will symbolize their goal of bridging the cultural exchange and collaboration between Korea and the Philippines.

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Image credit: Korean Cultural Center in the Philippines Official Facebook Page