With travel restrictions consistently being pulled back in the Philippines, airlines are seeing a huge increase in passenger growth, specifically for this year. 

In fact, budget carrier AirAsia Philippines posted a 553% passenger growth this April 2022 alone, which is a huge leap from last year. 

The company is entering the mid-second quarter of 2022 with a high 306% growth in total guests flown from January to April versus the same period in 2021 – a strong indication of its strong momentum towards recovery. 

AirAsia PH attributes the hike in passengers to the election season. A total of 91,997 guests availed of the airline’s poll-specific promos in the past two months. 

It was also in April that the airline reached 63% of its pre-pandemic figures for travel happening in two to three months. Meanwhile, it achieved 39% for bookings 90 days ahead of travel date and beyond.

“Apart from the interzonal travel vis-a-vis the elections, the number of guests we have flown and the rise in advance bookings by at least two months in the past quarter are representative of the strong momentum toward recovery, which is sure to reinforce our country’s economic standing as we ready to exit the pandemic,” says AirAsia Philippines CEO Ricky Isla.

To maintain this momentum, AirAsia PH will boost its weekly flight frequency for May by 16%.

It will fly to Caticlan 35x weekly as of May 10, which will be increased to 38x by the end of the month; Iloilo – 18x weekly and will be increased to 30x weekly; Tacloban 28x weekly; Tagbilaran – 21x weekly; Puerto Princesa – 19x weekly; Bacolod – 18x weekly, but will be increased to 21x by the end of the month.

Davao at 14x weekly; Cagayan – 9x weekly, and will be increased to 11x before the end of the month; Kalibo 18x to 27x weekly before the end of the month; and Cebu – 28x weekly.

“We expect the demand to increase towards the end of 2nd Quarter for travels which will be made for 3rd Quarter and 4th Quarter. AirAsia Philippines is committed to providing our guests with flexible schedules, affordable fares, and the safest means of transportation to their destinations. We will also continue to provide our guests with exciting promos to match their travel needs,” Isla said. 

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Image credit: AirAsia’s Official Website