Raslag Corporation, a Pampanga-based solar power provider, is planning to put up a solar farm in Bataan as part of its renewable energy (RE) expansion endeavors.

According to Raslag Founder and Chairman Peter Nepomuceno, discussions on the acquisition of a property for the said solar power project have already begun. Aside from Bataan, they’re also considering Zambales as a potential venue for the energy farm. However, the former takes priority. 

“We have expansion plans outside Pampanga. We are negotiating for a property in Hermosa, Bataan. We’re looking at other properties in Bataan, in Zambales. Initially, Bataan. We’re negotiating to purchase a 30-hectare property there. There are other areas we are looking into,” he explained. 

Nepomuceno said determining the property where the solar farm will be established is an important step, which can make or break the RE project. 

“You see, in getting land for solar, not just plain land – it has to be land that has access to NGCP [National Grid Corporation of the Philippines] facilities so that you can connect to the NGCP facility. If you’re too far from the NGCP facilities or is not available, the land you bought cannot be used for solar,” he stressed. 

Besides solar, Raslag is also looking into the potential of battery energy storage systems. “We are studying batteries. We’re looking into that,” Nepomuceno said. 

At present, Raslag has two, actively-operating solar power plants in Mexico, Pampanga – the 10.046-MWp (megawatt peak) Raslag-1 and the 13.141 MWp Raslag-2. These are both running under the Department of Energy’s (DOE) Feed-in-Tariff system with a base tariff of P9.68/kWh and P8.69/kWh, respectively.

Its third solar power plant, the 18.011 MWp Raslag-3, will begin operations on May 2 this year. Work on the fourth has already started while the site for the fifth has already been acquired – both will be built in Pampanga. 

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Image credit: Raslag’s Official Website