Although it’s been a year since GIGIL Agency released a series of weird and extremely dumbfounding advertisements for local Filipino brands, it’s still making heads turn – and this time around it’s on the international scene.

The Filipino ad agency was recently recognized with a bronze trophy in the film category of the prestigious Clio Awards, specifically for its “Basta” video campaign for RC Cola.

Photo from Clio Awards

Clio Awards is a famed award program celebrated annually, which “recognizes innovation and creative excellence in advertising, design, and communication, as judged by an international panel of advertising professionals.”

GIGIL’s series for local soda brand RC includes “Family” and “Band,” which took netizens through an emotional rollercoaster without a definite destination. Those same qualities are what drew netizens to it, permanently etching itself in the pop/ meme culture of the country’s internet community.

Although they may seem non-sensical, the agency insists that it did its job – and that’s to bring attention to the product and build the brand’s business.

Watch the head-scratching ads below!

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Image credit: Clio Awards