Carmina Bayombong—the Filipina CEO and Co-founder of student loan company InvestEd—was among those recognized by the 2022 Cartier Women’s Initiative Impact Awards for helping impoverished Filipino youth continue with their schooling. 

Bayombong, who received the 2019 South Asia and Oceania Laureate of the Cartier Women’s Initiative, was named the second runner-up in the Creating Opportunities category of this year’s Impact Awards held in Dubai, which aims to honor women entrepreneurs who are making positive changes in the world.

Photo from Cartier’s Official Website

The Makati-based Makati educational loan service provides poor and low-income Filipino students access to quality education and better opportunities. They also connect deserving learners to investors willing to pay or fund their higher education studies. 

According to Bayombong, “higher education is such a powerful tool for success—but not everyone has access to it.”

However, that’s where InvestEd comes in, which “uses its landmark invention, a data-driven success model, to predict and mitigate a young person’s life risks. In addition to traditional factors, InvestEd considers elements such as the likelihood of teen pregnancy, barriers to quick post-graduation employment, and impediments to salary negotiation such as low self-worth… The company assigns a success coach to help the student address risk factors, mitigating exposures traditionally associated with student lending.”

Bayombong said this “intervention” is what makes the difference. 

“That intervention, financial resources support plus emotional and coaching support is so powerful in lifting and empowering… families out of poverty,” she stressed during the awarding ceremony held early last March. 

Cartier Southeast Asia & Oceania CEO Cécile Naour said they’ll continue to support women and give them the opportunities to help and achieve more, especially organizations like Bayombong’s. 

“We are here — you, me, everyone here around the tables — to support these women, to connect them, and to give them visibility,” Naour shared.

“We will continue to connect women entrepreneurs to the right people, the right organizations… and support their individual journey and be part of a global community of positive change,” she assured.

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Image credit: Cartier’s Official Website