The townsfolk of Agusan del Norte’s Barangay Sacol in Buenavista will now be able to rest easier during the rainy season thanks to the completion of a slope protection structure by the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH).

The department said the area has suffered from storm surges and flooding for a long time, especially during typhoon season. The DPWH said it would be to the point that the Sacol Bridge would be submerged and locals’ only option to cross was to hold onto a tied rope.

However, all of that will change with the riverbank slope protection project now finished. 

“The new riverbank slope protection was constructed to effectively channel the flow of water to the proper outlet and protect nearby residents from river flooding in times of harsh weather conditions,” said DPWH Secretary Roger Mercado. 

Photo from DPWH

Photo from DPWH

Photo from DPWH

Apart from diverting the flow of water, the structure will also protect the bridge from strong river currents.

The Sacol Riverbank Slope Protection Project is 347.6 meters long upstream and 324.5 meters in length downstream. It cost a total of ₱89.1 million and was implemented by DPWH Agusan del Norte District Engineering Office.

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Image credit: DPWH