The Department of Science and Technology (DOST) has granted funding to the University of the Philippines-Los Baños (UPLB) for its new research and development project that seeks to study the potential of whey by-products in carabao milk-based cheese or kesong puti (white cheese). 

According to the national organization, these protein by-products have a high potential in being developed as growth supplements that can be used to treat stunting in Filipino children.

Science Secretary Fortunato dela Peña said UPLB’s study will aim to isolate specific extracts in carabao cheese to use for food supplements that promote growth and development. 

Funding of P12.3 million has already been released to the research group, which was forwarded by the DOST-Philippine Health Research and Development.

UPLB’s Dr. Gladys Cherisse Completo will lead the research and will provide preliminary evidence on the benefits of oligosaccharides found in buffalo milk as an animal-based fortifier for infant formula and complementary foods. 

Significant epidemiologic and animal research has linked oligosaccharides to improved growth and development. 

Dela Peña expects the project to be finished by April next year.

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Image credit: Tamás Rácz / EyeEm via Getty Images