The Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP), specifically its Board of Trustees, has set aside P20 million worth of development funding for grant programs that seek to stimulate Filipino creatives by challenging them to create art that mirrors the Philippines’ cultural heritage. 

Besides helping our local artists financially, technically, and education-wise, CCP hopes that the grants will inspire the generation of culturally relevant and original content, which will help in building a collection of intellectual property that highlights national identity.

The program has gained the support of the Creative Content Creators Association of the Philippines or SIKAP, the Game Developers Association of the Philippines, the Animation Council of the Philippines, and KOMIKET.

According to CCP, the grants will come in three forms: Game Development, Animation, and Comics. 

For the Game Development grant, game developers – both independent and Securities and Exchange Commission-recognized – will be given support to produce digital projects that have creative, cultural, and commercial outcomes. The theme of the projects will be derived from CCP’s Encyclopedia of Philippine Art. 

Four SEC-recognized organizations will be granted a maximum of P1.5 million each. Meanwhile, a maximum of P300,000 will be given to independent developers.

When it comes to the Animation and Comics Grants, creators are required to produce works around Philippine Folktales, Myths, and Legends. Outputs should also possess a training component. 

Six individuals will be the recipient of P330,000-worth comic grants while four will be selected for the P2 million-worth animation grants – those chosen will be required to produce a five-minute animated short film.

CCP Board of Trustees member Nikki Junia said it’s important to invest in local talent and “support the preservation, development and awareness of the culture and arts that will be engaging for today’s generation.”

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Image credit: CCP