The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) has pledged to help and support the Bangsamoro region in delivering effective public services to its citizens through innovative technology. 

To better undertake its plans, the UNDP has reached out and partnered with the Ministry of the Interior and Local Government of the region, specifically for the Localizing e-Governance for Accelerated Provision of Services (LeAPS) program. 

This program will facilitate the delivery of public service in Bangsamoro and Mindanao, making it more reliable and accessible throughout the region. 

But besides this, it also aims to help government agencies and local government units (LGUs) in utilizing information and communications technology to streamline business processes and improve the quality and speed of public services.

MILG Minister Naguib Sinarimbo admitted that Bangsamoro is experiencing a delay when it comes to development gains. However, he believes that through technology this gap will be filled. 

“The global experience is that technology can bridge the gap in development,” Sinarimbo shared.

Meanwhile, UNDP Philippines President Selva Ramachandran said innovation will play a critical role in the region as the country gradually opens its economy. 

“Digitalization plays a particularly significant role in the provision of critical public services to make sure that we leave no one behind,” he stressed. 

The project will cover 29 municipalities and ministries and will run for two years. It’s expected to pave the way for Bangsamoro’s five-year digital transformation roadmap, which will cover the region’s 116 municipalities and barangays.

Once fully realized, LeAPS will erase Bangsamoro’s reliance on old, paper-based, and manual processes, especially among LGUs. 

It’s projected to improve not only local governance in the region but also the following:

  • Community connectivity
  • Access to services and information, 
  • Community enterprise development
  • Assisted rural e-commerce
  • Skills development

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Image credit: UNDP; Glenn Carstens-Peters via Unsplash