In the Philippines, heart disease is considered one of the most common ailments. For that reason, the national government pushed for the establishment of multiple health programs and initiatives to help the Filipino people out. 

However, it was not limited to that, the country also invested in creating specialized institutions and infrastructures to better treat the problem. And included in this is the Philippine Heart Center, a hospital that specializes in heart diseases. 

If you want to know more about it, scroll through our list of facts below!

  • It’s almost 50 years old!

The Philippine Heart Center began operations in the 1970s, specifically in 1975. This makes it 47 years old! And we’re still counting!

  • Former President Ferdinand Marcos was the one who commissioned its construction. 

Through then-President Ferdinand Marcos’ Presidential Decree No. 673, the Philippine Heart Center was established.

  • It was designed by Filipino Architect Jorge Ramos. 

The Philippine Heart Center, which is well-known for its brutalist-inspired form and structure, was created by renowned Filipino architect Jorge Ramos. 

  • It had a name change.

Before the government settled for the hospital’s current name, it was called the Philippine Heart Center for Asia.

  • Its construction cost was massive. 

To build the Philippine Heart Center, the government used almost US$50 million.

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Image credit: Patrick Roque via Wikipedia