After successfully overcoming debt, undergoing a much-needed restructuring, acquiring fresh new capital, achieving its target digital transformation, network expansions, and building stronger partnerships, the Philippine Airlines (PAL) is calling its 81st anniversary as its “rebirth.”

According to PAL Chairman Lucio Tan, this renewal will serve as a new lease on life for the airline.

“Our 81st birthday marks a day of rebirth for PAL. We will make good use of our new life by delivering a stronger, more reliable, and dynamic airline that our customers will love and appreciate. You have my assurance that we will stay true to our mission of serving the Filipino people through a network that keeps the Philippines connected to the global economy,” he said. 

The airline said it will be taking advantage of the global economy’s reopening to strengthen its place in the air carrier industry, ramping up services and initiatives to grow its business back. 

To accomplish this, PAL has invested in improving its customer support services: 

  • a revamped mobile-first website
  • a multi-channel customer contact center
  • increased self-serve options for rebooking and account management 
  • an improved PAL Gift Card
  • and an enhanced Hiraya Flight Pass

Besides this, it’s also in the process of strengthening its networks, which now offer flights to 39 international and 27 domestic destinations. 

With travel restrictions slowly being peeled back around the world, the airline has also resumed its operations and increased frequencies for flights to top international destinations like the United States, Canada, Singapore, Australia, Japan, Southeast Asia, China, and more. 

However, PAL doesn’t want to stop there, the company is continuing efforts to build stronger alliances with other airlines to “allow PAL customers to reach over 1,000 destinations.”

As part of its reemergence, PAL also invested in improving its cargo strategy. Now, the carrier has a dedicated mobile application and website with online payments options for cargo services. On top of this, it’s also collaborating with last-mile cargo delivery services to further expand its cargo offerings. 

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Image credit: Marcio Rodrigo Machado/ S3studio via Getty Images