The central station that will unify MRT and LRT train lines is expected to finish construction by the end of this month, The Department of Transportation (DOTr) said.

According to Transportation Secretary Art Tugade, the Common Station project will be ‘structurally’ and ‘physically’ completed this March. However, it won’t be operational just yet.

“Today, I see the project with hope and optimism. I hope when I come back before the end of March, I will have the full realization that this Common Station is now fully completed physically and structurally” Tugade said during his March 3 inspection of the site.

To become fully functional, the new station needs to have an electromechanical system, which will be installed sometime in July. 

Once ready for use, the Common Station, also known as the Grand Central Station, will connect four railway lines, specifically LRT-1, MRT-3, MRT-7, and the Metro Manila Subway. 

It’ll provide passengers with a more efficient, seamless passage from one rail line to another. 

“I hope that when I come, I will see the connection perfected so that the Filipino people and the passengers will see the beauty. The beautiful connection between the common station and the atrium,” Tugade shared. 

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Image credit: DOTr