Filipina scientist Lorie Neuberger-Castillo is proving that women are also capable of excelling in the field of science as part of Research Luxembourg’s “Be brave: Women [& girls] in Science” campaign. 

Neuberger-Castillo, whose specialization is in health, is one of six women chosen for the series, which aims to show young girls that they have what it takes to pursue their passion for science. 

The initiative, a collaboration between Research Luxembourg and the Ministry for Equality (MEGA), was officially launched in February of this year. 

Neuberger-Castillo’s story was featured in the second video, which gave a glimpse of her work as a microbiome specialist, which involves the study of microbes living on and inside the human body.

And as a specialist for the Integrated Biobank of Luxembourg (IBBL), particularly the Luxembourg Institute of Health, she is tasked with DNA sequencing and bioinformatics analysis of microbiomes. 

Her background includes being an alumna of the University of Santo Tomas and Griffith University in Brisbane, Australia – possessing a Master’s in Clinical Microbiology.

In the video, Neuberger-Castillo shares a word of advice for young girls all over the world: 

“Tough times are inevitable, but diligence, strong work ethic, and encouragement from the right people can steer you in the right direction…Be brave! You will be surprised by what you can accomplish.”

Watch the video below!


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Image credit: Research Luxembourg