Boracay Island Water Corporation has admitted to spending more than P4 billion in building water and wastewater infrastructures to guarantee environmental sustainability and water security at the country’s famous white-sand tourist destination. 

According to the company, also known by its shortened named Boracay Water, they’ve devised a 25-year master plan to ensure that they’re able to meet the water requirements of the major tourist hotspot.

Boracay Water, a public-private partnership between the Tourism Infrastructure and Enterprise Zone Authority (TIEZA) Manila Water Philippine Ventures, Inc., said the sustainability scheme was developed back in 2010 when it began operations on the island. 

“Boracay Water made sure that safe and reliable water supply is available in the island and at the same time, ensured proper wastewater management in the island’s Manocmanoc, Balabag, and Yapak barangays, including the white beach’s popular commercial stations 1, 2, and 3,” the company announced on Monday (March 7).

As part of this grand plan, the company implemented various infrastructure projects in 2015 to increase water availability in Boracay. Through this, Boracay Water was able to supply customers with water 24/7 from a previous availability of 13 hours or even less. 

Besides this, Boracay Water also undertook the rehabilitation of several facilities and structures—the water treatment plant in Caticlan with a capacity of 25 million liters per day (MLD), a 1km submarine water pipeline along the Caticlan-Boracay channel, expansion of piping systems, repairs and replacement of old networks, the overhaul and construction of pumping stations and booster pumps.

The company also focused on improving coastal water quality, particularly through the upgrading of its existing wastewater facilities and the creation of new structures. This involved the rehabilitation of the Balabag sewage treatment plant and sewer network that was completed in 2011 and the establishment of the Manocmanoc sewage treatment plant in 2016. 

With this, Boracay’s sewer coverage is now at 61%. It’s expected to rise to 87% by 2024 once planned improvements are finished and additional structures are put in place. 

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Image credit: Jack B via Unsplash