To aid and speed up recovery efforts in the Visayas, AirAsia will add more passenger and cargo flights to Dumaguete and Roxas City this April. 

The airline says these new flight routes will significantly improve import-export and trade in both cities. At the same time, it will contribute to AirAsia’s improving cargo presence in Central and Western Visayas

AirAsia PH’s cargo operations arm, Teleport, expects a per flight minimum cargo load of 5 tons for Dumaguete and Roxas.

Just last month, the company was able to conduct a total of 812 cargo flights and carried 3,736 tons of cargo. This is more than what they were able to fly last year in the same period, which only amounted to 301 flights with only 855 tons of load.

AirAsia PH CEO Ricky Isla said they’re doing this to support local industries. 

“More than bringing in travelers and reviving our tourism industry, we would also like to support the industries of the local government units where we fly,” he said. 

“Our Dumaguete and Roxas City flights will not only strengthen our presence in Central and Western Visayas but will also give people and industries great choices for flexible flight schedules which will suit their needs, be it travel or cargo services,” Isla added. 

According to AirAsia’s latest survey, 33% of 1,605 respondents, who flew to the Visayas in the past 5 years, came for employment. Meanwhile, 32% said they will travel again to the Visayas for employment.

Another 33% of the respondents chose Dumaguete as their preferred destination should they fly again. This is because, in recent years, the city has become one of the top destinations for Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and Information Technology, which makes it ideal for professionals in medical transcription, publishing, animation, editing, and other tech-based jobs. 

Meanwhile, Roxas City in Capiz Province is known for being the ‘Seafood Capital of the Philippines.’ In 2019 alone, it managed to harvest 95.25 thousand metric tons of fish and marine produce that were exported to the US, Japan, and Taiwan.

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Image credit: Troy Mortier via Unsplash