With the FIBA World Cup Asian Qualifiers just a few days away, South Korea is now preparing to send out its delegates to the Philippines, which will serve as the games’ host from February 24 to February 28. 

However, the country will only be dispatching a 10-man roster after key members of their team got infected with COVID-19. 

The Korean delegation may also play without head coach Cho Sang-Hyun since he’s considered as a close-contact person of those who caught the coronavirus. 

According to Jumpball, COVID-19 significantly reduced the number of players available to play with three confirmed infected and three others as close contacts. 

Naturalized player Ricardo Ratliffe and 2020 Korean Basketball League Most Valuable Player Heo Hoon were among the squad members who caught the virus. 

With things as it is, the Korea Basketball Association (KBA) is appealing to FIBA for permission to make adjustments to the team’s roster. 

Korea is yet to earn a slot in the World Cup, which means this Philippine window of qualifiers will be important for them. 

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Image credit: FIBA Asia