Because of the pandemic, Filipinos have been relying on social media applications and online platforms to communicate with the people they care about. After all, the virus is still at large and variants are currently wreaking havoc in different parts of the country. 

The same thing is happening when it comes to PH’s dating scene. Instead of going out on physical dates or dinners, many prefer using dating applications to meet potential partners. In fact, the number of Filipinos using dating apps has significantly increased in the past two years and is now at 42%. 

Though dating has taken a new turn, Pinoys are still optimistic about it this 2022 – and that’s according to a study released by women-first social networking app Bumble.

Here’s what you can expect when it comes to dating this 2022 in the Philippines: 

  • Resetters

The pandemic brought a lot of changes to people’s lives and it’s the same when it comes to finding love. According to Bumble, 67% of users claim that the health crisis has drastically changed what they’re looking for in a potential partner. 

Meanwhile, 75% said the pandemic has made them prioritize emotionally available partners. 

  • Explori-dating

In its recent study, Bumble found that 77% of people have started questioning their ‘type.’

For 2022, “43% of users in the Philippines would describe their approach to dating as exploratory and 46% as adventurous,” Bumble said. 

  • Power PDA

According to Bumble, PDA (public display of affection) will make a big comeback this 2022. The company says 79% of its users in the Philippines “are more open to public displays of affection post-pandemic.”

  • Slow Dating

This year, fast is out and slow is in. Bumble said that 32% of Filipino daters on the app don’t want to rush things and prefer to “take their time to know their dates before taking things to the next level.”

  • Hobby Dates

Due to the pandemic, a lot of people have been granted more free time. Due to this, many were able to allot more time to do what they love or adopt new hobbies. 

In the Philippines, Bumble says, 78% of daters have picked up a new hobby during the pandemic. This has also become present in Filipinos’ dating lives with 63% of people on the app in the Philippines planning their dates around it.

  • Distance Dating

Bumble believes that long-distance dating or relationships will be big this 2022 for the Philippines. According to the social networking platform, 59% of Filipinos are “claiming they are open to dating someone living in another town or city.”

According to Bumble APAC Communications Director Lucille McCart, “the last two years have given people an enormous amount of time and space for self-reflection, and have been all about change and discovery. 

“2022 is going to be the year that we put this all into action, with the knowledge that we are able to date on our own time and at our own pace. With over 68% of single Filipinos looking to ‘reset’ their dating lives, 2022 looks likely to be a big year for romance,” she added.

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Image credit: Evan Tang via Unsplash