Two Filipino artists are making waves in the international art scene after winning Marvel’s ‘Morbius’ fan art competition.

Adriann Delmo and Jireh Villafuerte (a.k.a. Kyouzins) were among the five winners of the Talenthouse-organized digital art competition – judged by actor Jared Leto himself. Leto plays the titular character Michael Morbius in this upcoming film.

Delmo and Villafuerte’s outputs were heavily inspired by the movies’ trailer, successfully capturing the essence of the Marvel anti-hero.

Columbia Pictures Philippines congratulated the two local artists in a post on February 19.

“Congratulations to the #Morbius fan art winners of the Talenthouse global competition, including 2 from the Philippines! These 5 artists captured the essence of our Marvel legend,” the company wrote on Facebook.

As winners, Delmo and Villafuerte will both get $2,000 as cash prizes. Apart from this, their artworks will also be featured on Marvel’s different platforms – social media, physical or digital posters – and be used as promotional material. 

Morbius is scheduled to air in Philippine cinemas starting March 30. 

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Image credit: Talenthouse