The National Housing Association (NHA) assured that the various housing projects for victims of Typhoon Yolanda in 2013 are on track for completion.

According to NHA Assistant General Manager Victor Balba, the housing initiative is now 82% completed. He adds that they target to finish the projects before the current administration ends, which is why they’re reaching out to different agencies to resolve the roadblocks they’re currently facing.

Balba noted that some of the problems they’ve encountered include titling issues, securing the necessary permits, and the termination of awarded contracts with a handful of developers due to their non-compliance with the requirements.

“Actually, our commitment is to complete the remaining Yolanda housing projects by the end of the term of the president. ’Yun po ’yung commitment ng NHA and right now we are still on track to complete these projects except for those projects na talagang we have encountered some problems,” he explained.

“We have completed several and many many projects but we are still awaiting for the release of the titles so that we can have this turned over to the respective beneficiaries. Yun lang po ang medyo naiiwanan and some projects that are still ongoing encounter several concerns like the securing of necessary permits and all those projects that were terminated and repeat and bid out again considering that all of these projects were bid out. So some of the developers were not able to comply with our requirements, hence we terminated them and have it awarded again.” Balba added.

Although some things need to be worked out, Housing Secretary Eduardo Del Rosario of the Department of Human Settlements and Urban Development (DHSUD)assured that the projects will be finished this year.

“Even though the administration will be over by June 30, the fine-tuning the finishing touches will be completed within the year but with 90-95 percent completion, it is substantial enough to provide the basic services, the public infrastructure that we have constructed in Marawi,” he said.

Del Rosario added that from the initial 185,000, the number of houses to be built was increased to 225,000 when Duterte came in as president in 2016.

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Image credit: sommart via iStock y Getty Images