Filipino-led biotechnology company InterVenn will be scouting for new Filipino talents as it expands its Philippine office. 

The company, who’ll be establishing a bigger PH headquarters at the Podium West Tower in the heart of the Ortigas, will be hiring 100 new Filipino employees, specifically engineers and developers. 

These new hires will be added to InterVenn’s dedicated team, which forms the backbone running the company’s proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) technology. 

The new office is expected to open next year on January 15 and is expected to promote promote, boost productivity, and ultimately raise the bar of skills and competence in IT engineering. 

According to Founder and CEO Aldo Carrascoso, their Philippine office is an integral part of InterVenn, a pioneering medical company in glycoproteomic research and development that employs AI technology to help advance oncology and other related fields. 

After all, the country hosts the team that maintains the company’s proprietary AI technology. 

“One hundred percent of our software is done in the Philippines,” he said. 

“Our engineering team in our Mandaluyong City office takes care of the cloud infrastructure, front end, back end, and even security. Information security, information event management, events like infiltration, penetration testing. We have a full staff that does dev ops, server systems administration,” Carrascoso explained. 

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Image credit: InterVenn