Online youth platform’s portal has undergone a total revamp!

The educational portal, which hopes to empower millions of Filipino youths towards self-aware education decisions, has shed its former shell opting for a more engaging and user-friendly interface. 

According to, the change aims to encourage students to not be afraid of “self discovery and exploration,” a step that’s essential in truly recognizing where their best “interests and passion” lie. 

So far, the homepage redesign has met success online with registered users skyrocketing to 800,000 after the site was launched.

Here’s what the site looks like now!

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Apart from this site revamp, will also be launching the second iteration of its Future Fest campaign, which aims to walk students through the various career paths they can take under the Science, Technology Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) strand. 

The virtual event will take place from November 26 to 27 and will be free of charge. It will be observed in partnership with Harrison Assessments and Career Development Association of the Philippines (CDAP). 

“This new campaign will help achieve our commitment of allowing 2 million Filipino youth to have a successful and fulfilling career by 2025,” said Founder Henry Motte-Muñoz. has also joined hands with various industry leaders like Globe, ASUS, and Cream Silk to develop programs to better offer support for Filipino youth in their academic and career aspirations. addressed career readiness and upskilling through Cream Silk’s #ConditionedForGreaterAcademy. Meanwhile, IT modernization was the topic of Asus’ Edukasyon School Partner Program and Globe’s GoLearn focused on the promotion of education and literacy in the country. 

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Image credit: Christin Hume via Unsplash