Far-flung areas in the Philippines will soon get access to stable internet connections as Converge’s Earth Station is nearing completion. 

According to the top internet fiber provider Converge ICT Solutions, the 5-hectare facility, which is being constructed in Angeles, Pampanga, will be finished by the end of 2021. 

Converge Chief Executive Officer Dennis Anthony Uy said the necessary equipment for the installation of the station will arrive next month. 

“The equipment will arrive next week, installed before December. This Earth station will be up before the end of the year,” he shared. 

Uy noted that the Earth station will work by complementing Converge’s existing fiber network, specifically through the use of low-Earth orbit satellites.

Through this technology, Converge will be able to provide reliable internet in 2,000 remote public schools starting 2022.

“This is for underserved and unserved areas and the public schools. We will make sure by next year we will serve 2,000 public schools to deliver this education platform for our public school students,” Uy said.

Besides this project, Uy also shared that they’ll be partnering with SpaceX for future projects, the company that tech mogul Elon Musk built. 

However, details about the partnership have yet to be announced. 

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Image credit: CONVERGE ICT Solutions Inc.’s Official Facebook Page