In celebration of its 52nd founding anniversary, the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP) is organizing a grand light, projection, and sound show. 

According to the organization, the event, also known as Sinag 2021, will “represent the role of arts and culture in the Filipino Past, Present, and Future (Kahapon, Ngayon at Bukas).” 

The first segment, Kahaponwill pay tribute to the Filipino people, who’ve played a large role in CCP’s journey throughout the years. It will showcase archival footage and images of people filling in the various theaters and spaces of CCP to the tune of Ebe Dancel’s song Manatili.

Ngayon will feature stories and illustrations from Joel “Făbô” Fabonan, focusing on how the COVID-19 pandemic affected the country and its citizens, particularly those in the art sector. It will be animated by GA Fallarme, who’ll also be in charge of the show’s overall projection works, and will play to the tune of National Artist Lucrecia Kasilag’s Divertissement.

Meanwhile, for the last portion, Bukas, a short animation about CCP invading the virtual world will be shown with Joee Mejias’ electro-pop music playing in the background.

The CCP’s very own facade will serve as the canvas for the event, wherein the three segments will be projected on. 

The show will be held from November 18 to November 21 at CCP. 

For those unable to go, the event will also be available for streaming thru CCP’s official Facebook page on November 18.

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Image credit: CCP