Now that restrictions on domestic travel have been eased, you’re probably busy wracking your brain when it comes to choosing the best place to spend your long overdue holiday plan. 

If you haven’t decided on a place to visit yet, we recommend you consider Siargao. The island beach haven is well-known not only in the Philippines but also overseas. After all, it was named among the ‘World’s Greatest Places of 2021’ by none other than TIME Magazine itself.

But apart from fame and natural beauty, the country’s surf capital also offers a varied experience for tourists, specifically when it comes to accommodations. 

And these Bahay Kubo-inspired Airbnbs are proof of it! Check them out below!

  • Tarzan’s Treehouse by Julio and Clyde

This modern and eco-friendly take on the popular treehouse concept allows guests to see Siargao from a different perspective. It melds together traditional materials like bamboo, nipa, and wood – accentuated with big glass windows – to make you feel more at home with nature while at the comfort of your Kubo.

  • Modern Tropical Home by Cecile and Mark

This two-story home offers the easiness of modern living but mixes it with the carefree vibes of Filipino traditional houses, particularly with its ingenious use of nipa and wood to highlight different areas of the house.

  • Native Beachfront Cabana by Grace

Out of all the accommodations on the list, Native Beachfront Cabana is closer to what a Bahay Kubo is. It sits in front of the beach and offers a more grounded experience for guests, specifically when it comes to furnishings.

  • Triangle Palms Native Villa by Edward

If you’re looking for something a bit different but still Filipino, then Triangle Palms native Villa would suit your taste. It offers a fresh take on the Pinoy Bahay Kubo but manages to stay authentic.

  • Mao Mao Surf by Marco and Chara

Similar to Triangle Palms, Mao Mao Surf takes inspiration from traditional Filipino housing but takes it up a notch by complementing it with a modern tropical aesthetic. 

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Image credit: Andreea Petruti via Unsplash