Now that domestic travel and leisure trips are permitted once again, you’ll probably find yourself visiting different tourist destinations in the Philippines sometime soon. After all, the last couple of months have been tiring for all of us, especially for those who are unable to go out due to strict lockdowns and restrictions. 

On that note, what you need is time to unwind and a different space to rest your weary bones. What better place to do just that than Puerto Princesa? Surrounded by lush greenery, clear blue waters, and ancient rock-cave formations, this coastal city will surely offer an experience unlike any other – even for the pickiest travel connoisseur.

If you’re up for the trip, check out the list we made of the best things to do when in Puerto Princesa. 

  • Visit the Underground River

Photo by David Milmont via Unsplash

When people think of Puerto Princesa, the first thing that always comes to mind is the Underground River. After all, it’s the world’s longest navigable underground river!

For that, it’s been tagged as one of the ‘New 7 Wonders of the World’ and is being protected as one of UNESCO’s Heritage sites. 

  • Avail of the City’s Bay Cruise

Photo from Klook

Photo from Klook

If you’re someone who likes to immerse himself in the culture of a particular place, then signing up for the City’s Bay Cruise tour will be up your alley.

Here, you’ll be able to see Puerto Princesa in its unadulterated form. You can even get in touch with the many different tribes living in the area, who’ll be able to share with you their wisdom, experiences, and way of life. 

  • Participate in the Honda Bay Island Hopping Tour

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Photo from Cavan Images via Getty Images

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Interested in exploring different diving spots, beaches, and facets of Puerto Princesa? Then, join the Honda Bay Island Hopping Tour!

Under this packaged trip, you’ll be able to visit the islands of Honda Bay, Luli, Cowrie, and Starfish – places that are packed with adventures, which include a visit to the underwater garden and the bat sanctuary. You can even participate in different water sports activities!

  • Discover Puerto Princesa’s Tabon Cave

Photo from Klook

Photo from Klook

Are you fond of history? Then, visit Tabon Cave and travel back in time. Here, you’ll be able to bear witness to the home of our ancestors, also called the ‘Cradle of Civilization’ in the Philippines. It’s where one of the oldest human remains was found.

This is also where the Manunggul jar came from, a national treasure of the country. 

  • Join the Balsahan River Trail

Photo from Klook

Photo from Klook

If you’re someone who enjoys trekking and hiking, you’ll definitely be up for the Balsahan River Trail. Fully immerse yourself in nature by booking a spot on this tour and find yourself amongst the most exotic and endangered animals. And of course, in the company of your newfound adventure buddies!

  • Find Puerto Princesa’s Hidden Water Fall

Photo from

Photo from

Are you the type who enjoys a bit of mystery? Then, you’ll enjoy the experience that Puerto Princesa’s Hidden Water Fall Tour offers. 

The trip will take you to the recently discovered Pupunton Falls in Bacungan, which not many have seen. You’ll also be able to lay eyes on the Talaudyong and Nagtabon beaches if you join this tour.

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Image credit: Sergio Pontillas / EyEm via Getty Images