Though it’s been more than a month since Netflix’s South Korean thriller ‘Squid Game’ was released, its influence is still being felt in the Philippines.

In fact, it’s probably made its way to your child’s exams!

Just recently, a Filipino public school teacher from San Jose National High School in Laguna went viral after he gave his students a’Squid Game’-inspired summative test.

Teacher Paolo Fule made use of the show’s Dalgona Challenge symbols for the multiple-choice part of his test. Meanwhile, he employed the ‘Red Light, Green Light’ game for a true or false segment.

In an interview with CNN Philippines, Fule said he wanted to use the popular Korean show to put a twist on his students’ exams.

“Naisip ko po na why not may tema yung exam ko now and since uso ngayon yung squid game at patok sa mga kabataan, instead of letters sa multiple choice ay yung 4 na symbols dun sa honeycomb game ang ginawa ko po,” he explained.

Here’s the photo of the exams!

Photo from Paolo Fule

Photo from Paolo Fule

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Image credit: Paolo Fule