Motorists will now be able to travel safer to Balaoan in La Union thanks to the rehabilitated Pantar Bridge. 

Unlike before, the bridge’s structural integrity has been overhauled to support heavier and larger vehicles. 

According to the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) – La Union First Engineering District, risk factors have been significantly reduced thanks to the bridge’s enhancements. 

“The completed rehabilitation of the Pantar Bridge along Manila North Road at Pantar, Balaoan, La Union has reduced the possible risks of the existing bridge structure and enhanced its structural performance, providing safety and convenience to motorists passing through,” District Engineer Jose Ginete, Jr. said.

The strengthening of the Pantar Bridge involved the application of single-layer carbon fiber sheets, the installation of a longitudinal asphaltic plug expansion joint system, and the jacketing of the bridge’s reinforced concrete piles.

In addition, LED solar street lamps were also placed on both sides of the bridge to improve drivers’ nighttime visibility and to prevent further accidents. 

The rehabilitation of the linear bridge, spanning a total of 1.35 kilometers, was funded under the General Appropriations Act of 2021. A sum of P18.83-million was allocated for the saif undertaking. 

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Image credit: DPWH