The Light Rail Transit Line 1, commonly referred to as LRT-1, is going to receive an upgrade, specifically to its trains. 

On Monday (October 25), 12 ‘fourth generation’ trains were welcomed into the country.

These will replace LRT-1’s 40-year-old first-gen trains and will officially be put to use next year. But before joining the rail line’s fleet, it will undergo strict testing and commissioning by engineers.

According to the Light Rail Manila Corporation (LRMC) President and CEO Juan Alfonso, 18 more trains will be delivered from Mexico and Spain. 

Alfonso noted that the new trains will be faster, more efficient, and PWD-friendly. On top of this, the line is also implementing upgrades to its signaling system, which will significantly decrease headway or train wait times. 

“Halos 30 percent mas mabilis siya, ‘yung headway between trains,” he said. 

Here’s what the new trains look like!

Sneak peek to the 4th Generation trains of LRT-1. We would like to thank the Light Rail Manila Corporation for giving...

Posted by Ang Litratista Ng Daang-Bakal on Monday, October 25, 2021

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Image credit: Ang Litratista Ng Daang-Bakal’s Official Facebook Page