Eight division boxing champion Manny Pacquiao is looking to recruit NBA legend Allen Iverson for his upcoming charity basketball game against former rival Floyd Mayweather Jr., according to reports. 

Iverson, who’s now 46 years old and a member of the league’s greatest players, is Pacquiao’s personal choice for his team. This, even though he already has a pre-selected NBA veteran assigned to his roster. 

Meanwhile, a pre-assigned NBA veteran will also be joining Mayweather’s team for the upcoming charity game, which is supposedly going to be held in Las Vegas’ MGM Grand Garden Arena or at the T-Mobile Arena.

The match, dubbed as the ‘Mayweather vs Pacquiao All-Star Basketball Charity,’ was a collaboration between Mayweather’s The Money Team and Mayweather Promotions as well as Pacquiao’s MP Promotions.

“We agree on the main concept of the event, which is to bring total entertainment to the fans of boxing, basketball, and all sports in general, and to create a project that will solidify our legacies to the fans,” said Pacquiao and Mayweather’s Letter of Intent released early in October.

While the game has been confirmed, the date of the event has yet to drop. 

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Image credit: Visual China Group via Getty Images