On October 10, the memorandum of understanding (MOU) to build the first Artificial Intelligence (AI) Industrial Park in the Philippines was officially signed. 

Senior Consultant Kazuo Sato of Global Trade Venture Co., Ltd. Group of Japan, who represents Tokushima Auction Market (TAM), facilitated the inking of the infrastructure project’s MOU at Clark Freeport. 

The ambitious project—a collaboration between numerous countries—will rise in the Bicol region, according to the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI). 

The hub will cater exclusively to the Japanese AI industry and will have the primary goal of creating aqua-agri robots systems and farming operations and management, manufacturing and development services of robots, industrial and automotive robotics systems. 

Apart from this, the industrial park will also dabble in the electric car industry, specifically with the production of battery systems and their components as well as its testing and assembly. 

They’ll also be involved in digital high-speed ground and satellite IT network services, which will be used as the target industry locators. Likewise, global finance network services and high information security sectors are being considered as prospective proponents. 

In addition, the AI industrial park will set up an exclusive air-cargo hub center equipped with a 4-kilometer runway and facilities that will be used to serve the logistics requirements of the Industrial Corridor.

To keep the residents of the community safe, a support facility will be placed inside the park, which will be constructed by Regional Medical Care Center (RMCC). 

Warehousing facilities, cold storage/processing rooms, power generation plants and components, office facilities, full-weather and 24-hour operation park management services, facility design and construction services, and special technology zone are also set to be built inside the hub. 

The Industrial Park will be constructed in two years and will possess a concession contract of 25 years, which can be renewed. 

It’s part of Global Trade Venture and TAM’s $7.5-billion-worth of projects lined up for the Philippines expected to boost the country’s economy. 

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Image credit: Hiroshi Watanabe via Getty Images