As you probably know now, the Philippines is a country that often suffers from natural calamities. From typhoons, earthquakes, droughts, floods, and more, we’ve received our fair share of tragedies thanks to these phenomena. 

However, things are starting to look up for Filipinos with the entrance of a home-grown platform called Komunidad. 

The company, founded by Felix Ayque, is aiming to prevent tragedies caused by naturally occurring events through environmental intelligence, which it sources from analyzed data gathered from various government and private sources. 

The collected information is transformed into easily digestible alerts and is sent out to platform users, helping them make informed decisions and react quickly to potential disasters. 

“We act as a system integrator that only brings the relevant data and tells customers that this is the most important data,” Ayque, who serves as the company’s CEO, told TechCrunch

Just recently, the company announced that it has received $1 million (Php 51 million) in seed funding to expand its operations and service in Asia. 

Wavemaker Partners and ADB Ventures, the Asian Development Bank’s (ADB) venture arm, came together to pool in the needed investment. 

The funding will be used to add new features to Komunidad, including a self-serve version that will be launched early next year. 

According to TechCrunch, a portion of the investment will also be used to “launch self-service customizable dashboards next year that will allow clients to drag-and-drop widgets, similar to creating a website in Wix or WordPress.”

At present, Komunidad’s operations are limited to the Philippines, India, Cambodia, and Vietnam. It serves multiple sectors, including utilities, agriculture, mining, education, local governments, and business outsourcing centers.

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Image credit: Komunidad’s Official Website