In preparation for the reopening of the country’s borders, the Department of Tourism (DOT) has launched a new international program, which aims to attract foreign tourists to visit destinations in the Philippines.

According to DOT Assistant Secretary for Branding and Marketing Communications Howard Lance Uyking, the #MoreFunAwaits initiative has already been launched and is now being broadcast on numerous international channels including CNN International, the BBC, CNBC, and National Geographic.

“This is a followup to our #WakeUpInThePhilippines campaign last year and will be airing until the country reopens,” Uyking told Business Mirror in an exclusive interview.

“Our foreign offices need a campaign to help with their promotions and partnerships with international sellers,” he added.

The government agency wants to reach at least 37 million viewers through the 30-second international ad campaign, Uyking shared.

Apart from this, DOT’s ‘Have a Safe Trip’ campaign is also being circulated on Philippine televisions. He mentions that it will come in full force next month when more destinations are open.

Watch the international ad below!

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Image credit: DOT