The stars of Netflix’s “Squid Game” Christian Lagahit and Anupam Tripathi celebrated the success of the South Korean series through a mini-reunion. 

After dropping on September 17th, the series is now number 1 in 22 countries. 

On Instagram, Lagahit, who played Player 276, posted photos with Tripathi, known as Player 199 in the show. 

“Our simple way of celebrating the success of “Squid Game,” the Filipino actor wrote. 

“276 and 199 met again but this time, not as players of Squid Game but as brothers, Chris and Anup! Don’t forget to watch “Squid Game” on your favorite Netflix channel,” Lagahit added. 

After appearing on the hit streaming show, Lagahit has gained fans all over the Philippines. The performer, who works as a teacher in South Korea, was even stopped at the airport for pictures. 


Apart from ‘Squid Game,’ Lagahit has also appeared in other Korean Netflix shows. He played the Filipino waiter in Space Sweepers (2021), a movie top-billed by Song Joong Ki. 

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Image credit: Christian Lagahit’s Official Instagram Page