Three-division world champion John Riel Casimero’s wish has finally been granted.

In a 12-second video posted on his YouTube channel on Monday (August 30), the Filipino boxer revealed that he’ll be fighting undefeated Japanese boxer Naoya Inoue in December this year.

“So, ayun guys next laban natin, magandang laban ‘to. December 11, Naoya Inoue,” the 31-year-old current WBO bantamweight titleholder said.

“Let’s go!” He added.

Since last year, Casimero has been clamoring for a match with Inoue. And most recently, he challenged the 28-year-old boxer after winning his match with Cuban Guillermo Rigondeaux.

Inoue has since responded to Casimero’s taunts, accepting the challenge and promising to beat him inside the ring.

“Is everyone’s image of Naoya Inoue a saint prince? Why do I have to keep silent because I was so enthusiastic that I was provoked radically and was pointed out in the live broadcast? There are people who say various things, but this is an individual remark with Casimero. Just buy the quarrel that was sold. Please organize a match,” Naoya wrote on Twitter.

“Once the match with Casimero is decided, I would like to beat [him] under the rule of boxing. Therefore, we firmly ask for weight management ‘doping’ management so that the match will be established. I hope this year,” he followed up.

Although Casimero announced the date of their upcoming bout, he didn’t give other details about the December match. 

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Image credit: Lintao Zhang via Getty Image; Steve Marcus via Getty Images