The first batch of trains for the upcoming MRT-7 has officially landed in the Philippines, according to San Miguel Corporation (SMC).

On Tuesday, the multinational conglomerate announced the arrival of the initial train sets.

SMC President and CEO Ramon Ang said a total of six train cars arrived from South Korea’s Masan Port. Ang noted that the cars have been unloaded and will undergo customs clearance.

“In a few days, the trains will be taken to our MRT-7 mainline. We’re expecting four more trainsets to arrive by December,” Ang wrote in a Facebook post.

The rest of the train car sets, which is 36 in total, will be delivered in increments, SMC said. Future expansion of the line has also been accounted for with the depot capable of accommodating up to 150 trains.

The MRT-7, whose construction is funded by SMC, is scheduled to be accomplished by December 2022. And once fully operational, it will connect MRT-3 and LRT-1 – significantly reducing travel time from Quezon City to San Jose del Monte City in Bulacan.

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Image credit: Ramon Ang’s Official Facebook Page