Due to the pandemic, online shopping platforms and virtual malls in the Philippines are experiencing a boom in demand.

Go Shopping Philippines (GSP) is one of the companies benefiting from the growth in digital purchases. And the Filipino firm is betting on this sustained demand for online marketplaces to further expand its operations in the Philippines and its ASEAN counterparts.

According to GSP Chief Executive Officer Neil Garcia La-as, there’s great promise in the venture. 

“With the imposition of lockdowns, it’s inevitable people can’t go out. This paved the way for online e-commerce to blossom like mushrooms. This is an industry that has a great future,” he said in an interview with Manila Bulletin

La-as notes that they plan to franchise out to neighboring Southeast Asian countries in a year or so to take advantage of the current market swell. He adds that they’re trying to take things slow, especially when it comes to onboarding merchant partners.

“We’re very slow, but very consistent. We target 1,000 merchants to be on-boarded by the end of the year. We have a timeline so we can secure inventory before the ‘ber’ [September to December] months take off. We are alluring all of them to be with us these coming months,” he explained.

Operations-wise, GSP takes the form of a huge virtual mall where all kinds of goods are featured and delivered via Smart Logistics. 

The company makes use of its strategically located warehouses and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system to ensure that products are delivered on time, whether within the country or overseas. 

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Image credit: Go Shopping Philippines’ Official Facebook Page