In his most recent and last State of the Nation Address (SONA) as president of the Philippine Republic, Rodrigo Duterte assured Filipinos that his administration’s infrastructure initiatives, which are all under the Build! Build! Build! Program, will continue without any interference. 

To ensure that this is the case, Duterte has tasked the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH), the Department of Transportation (DOTr), and the National and Economic Development Authority (NEDA), the Department of Finance (DOF), and the Department of Budget and Management (DBM) to “be on full speed to ensure that our flagship projects will be completed within my term, especially those that would help disperse economic activity outside the densely populated Metro Manila.”

And included in those outside regions is the Zamboanga Peninsula, which is one of the strongholds of Mindanao. 

It’s considered the sixth most populous city in the Philippines and the third-largest by land area. With that said, a lot of infra projects has been planned for it, and here are some of them: 

1.Tampilisan-Sandayong Road Project

The Tampilisan-Sandayong Road Project is scheduled for completion by September this year. It spans a total of 15.07 kilometers and is a project that will upgrade the existing roads of Barangay Sto. Niño, Barangay New Dapitan, Barangay Poblacion, Barangay Farmington, Bragay Situbo, and Barangay Sandayong, which are made of gravel. 

The project will directly link Dipolog and Pagadian Cities by-passing Ipil, which is the capital town of Zamboanga Sibugay.

2.Alicia-Malangas Road in Province of Zamboanga Sibugay 

Photo from DPWH

The 23.7-kilometer Alicia-Malangas Road Project aims to connect 15 barangays through eight bridges: The 40.94-meter Logpond Bridge, the 35.94-meter Tigabon Bridge, the 30.94-meter Ilisan Bridge, the 40.94-meter Bella Bridge, the 25.94-meter Payag Bridge, the 60.94-meter Lipacan Bridge, the 25.94-meter Sinusayan Bridge, and the 40.94-meter Lapirawan Bridge.

It’s part of a bigger 280-kilometer infrastructure plan under the Improving Growth Corridors in Mindanao Road Sector Project, which is funded by the Asian Development Bank and the government of the Philippines.

3.Guicam Bridge Project

Photo from DPWH

The Guicam Bridge will span a total of 540 meters and will connect Barangay Lutiman, Alicia in Zamboanga Sibugay and Olutanga port. It’s part of the Improving Growth Corridors in Mindanao Road Sector Project. 

4.Lutiman-Guicam-Olutanga Road

The 29.76 km Lutiman-Guicam-Olutanga Road Project is already 58 percent complete. The pathway is expected to be finished by September this year. 

5.Sindangan-Bayog-Lakewood Road

Photo from DPWH

The Sindangan-Bayog-Lakewood Road will span a total of 79.346 kilometers. It begins at the junction of Dipolog-Sindangan-Liloy Road in Zamboanga del Norte and terminates at the junction of Tubod-Lakewood Road in Zamboanga del Sur. 

At present, 50.640 kilometers of its total length have been finished. Once operational, it will reduce travel time between the two junctions to only two hours compared to the usual six. 

6.Western Mindanao Command Hospital 

The Western Mindanao Command Hospital is a joint project between the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) and the Department of National Defense (DND). It falls under the Tatag ng Imprastraktura para sa Kapayapaan at Siguridad (TIKAS) program. Once finished, the hospital will provide necessary medical care to military personnel. 

7.Junction National Highway to Ayala-La Paz Road 

Photo from DPWH

This junction project, which has a total length of 28.482 kilometers, will connect Ayala-La Paz Road to the National Highway. 

It’s expected to accommodate more than 1,000 motorists daily and is expected to slash travel time from Ayala-La Paz Road to only 30 minutes compared to the previous two-hour drive. 

8.Zamboanga Connector Project

This 68.295-kilometer, once completed, will connect three municipalities of Zamboanga del Norte to Zamboanga City. And once fully operational, it will reduce travel time from Siocon to Zamboanga City from five hours to only 1.5 hours.

9.New Barra Bridge

Photo from DPWH

This Php 140.2-million was commissioned to replace the old, dilapidated Barra Bridge. The bridge serves as the shortest route to travel from Dipolog City to the city airport.

10.Buenavista-Bolong Coastal Bypass Road

Photo from 2MDC

The Buenavista-Bolong Coastal Road is expected to open before the year ends. It will significantly reduce travel time from Buenavista to Bolong from 60 minutes to only 15 minutes.The bypass road, once fully operational, will be able to accommodate 4,200 motorists a day. 

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Image credit: BBB’s Official Website