With the enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) classification looming over the National Capital Region (NCR), organizations are starting to mobilize and do what they can to help the most vulnerable. 

That’s what the Flag Brigade PH campaign, an initiative arranged by Defend Jobs Philippines (DJP), is aiming to accomplish this coming ECQ period. 

Through it, they aim to provide support to more than 200 families in Sampaloc, Manila during the two-week lockdown, which officially starts on August 6. 

The initiative will work by providing red and green flags to community members, which they can display outside of their homes. Red means they need food while green indicates they have items to share. 

Volunteers will then go around the area to distribute goods and essentials to people who raise red flags and collect from those with green flags. 

DJP is planning to widen the scope of their operations if ever the ECQ extends to more than two weeks. 

According to the group, their program was inspired by a similar initiative in Malaysia – wherein houses will raise white flags outside of their homes as a sign of distress. 

The group’s spokesperson, Christian Lloyd Magsoy, said they decided to create a mobile pantry scheme to help people out as ECQ forbids most people from going out of their homes. 

“Community pantries must not stop during the reimplementation of the ECQ as our poor countrymen will be most needing these services especially during the hard lockdowns,” Magsoy told Inquirer.

“We will still rely on each other’s support through any form of community pantries and the like,” he added.

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Image credit: Defend Jobs Philippines’ Official Facebook Page