Agriculture is one of the Philippines’ key economic sectors. However, farmers and local producers remain as one of the most vulnerable members of the community.

This situation is something Jollibee found extremely concerning, which is why it has opted to source ingredients for its products locally. 

The company is undertaking this noble endeavor through the Farmer Entrepreneurship Program (FEP), an initiative handled by its social development arm Jollibee Group Foundation (JGF). 

Through FEP, which launched back in 2008, Jollibee is able to support Filipino farmers, specifically by relying on them when it comes to perishable ingredients.

According to the popular restaurant chain, the white onions, green bell peppers, tomatoes, and other vegetables that they use in Jollibee, Chowking, Greenwich, and Mang Inasal are all bought from small-scale farmers across the Philippines.

Apart from this, the program is also helping farmers improve their agricultural and entrepreneurial skills. 

In 2018, JGF launched the ‘Agro-Entrepreneurship for Inclusive Value Chains: An Introduction,’ a program that aims to train Agro-entrepreneurship Facilitators that will guide farmers to being entrepreneurs. It was launched virtually this year in partnership with Xavier University – Ateneo de Cagayan. 

“It brings us real joy that we have helped hundreds of farmers embark on a journey to rediscover and even totally embrace farming. FEP has emboldened them to dream bigger and has given them the tools necessary to turn them into reality,” said JGF Executive Director Gisela Tiongson. 

Since its launch, Jollibee has bought Php 300 million in agriculture products from its local suppliers. Meanwhile, partners have delivered more than 7,000 metric tons or 700 truckloads of vegetables to the Jollibee Group.

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Image credit: JGF