As part of its move to expand operations in the country, foodpanda is now welcoming e-scooter users into its delivery fleet.

The food delivery service says the new strategy aims to provide fast, convenient delivery service to its consumers and supply regular income to members of the e-scooter community.

For its initial launch, the e-scooter team, with 25 members, will be deployed in Makati and BGC.

According to foodpanda, those who pass the qualification for e-scooter delivery will undergo an onboarding process. They’ll receive free assets that will include one thermal bag, 2 sets of uniforms, a GCash card, a helmet, and led lights.

“With the growing community of e-scooter riders who see it as a convenient way of getting around, we are opening this opportunity for them to have a source of income that will cover short-distance deliveries,” said foodpanda managing director Daniel Marogy.

“We are piloting this in our two areas in the Metro and hopefully we will be able to cover more areas soon. This is another way where foodpanda innovates its services to reach more customers,” Marogy added.

Marogy noted that all e-scooter bikes will follow strict quality control and will be subject to requirements set by the government to ensure safety.

“To ensure road safety, which is one of our priorities, all approved scooter bikes will be according to the city government requirements. This is likewise in line with foodpanda initiatives to explore more sustainable efforts to reduce our carbon footprint.”

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Image credit: foodpanda