To help disaster-affected food vendors in Batangas and to ensure the quality and safety of food, the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) awarded food safety-compliant carts to vendors in San Nicolas, Batangas. 

According to the government agency, the initiative is part of the DOST-Calabarzon’s Community Empowerment through Science and Technology Program (CEST) for Disaster-Stricken Areas.

In an announcement on August 20, DOST Secretary Fortunato de la Peña said the scheme will help vendors with their livelihood as well as maintain the safety of the food they’re offering.

“The DOST-Calabarzon thru PSTC (Provincial Science and Technology)-Batangas awarded food safety-compliant food carts to the street food vendors in San Nicolas, Batangas to upgrade their street food vending practices and ensure food safety,” he shared. 

According to de la Peña, the project helps in unifying food safety practices in San Nicolas.

“The project plays a significant role in strengthening the efforts towards unifying the food safety practices of street food vendors in San Nicolas and improving their livelihood opportunities by levelling up street food vending,” the chief said.

“This is a way of supporting the tourism industry that the LGU targets once tourists are already allowed to visit San Nicolas,” he emphasized.

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Image credit: Lisa Marie David / NurPhoto via Getty Images