Filipino actor Dingdong Dantes, through his Yes Pinoy Foundation (YPF), is organizing an education-to-livelihood program to regularize freelance riders of delivery service Dingdong. 

According to the 41-year-old actor, the COVID-19 pandemic brought a lot of challenges to the Philippines. However, the virus didn’t stop the Filipinos’ desire to help others. 

“The Pandemic did not spare the Yes Pinoy Foundation (YPF), but the challenges inspired us even more. We have observed how individuals volunteered their time, energy and resources to be of help to others,” Dantes shared in an Instagram post.

“We have witnessed the generosity overflowing from the Filipino people,” he added. 

And this is what inspired Dantes to take action and do what he can to help. 

To better approach the plan, YPF has formed partnerships with the Hatid Dingdong: Rider Professionalism Program, and Doorbell Technologies Inc., the company behind last-mile delivery service Dingdong.

Under the program, qualified, freelance, and high-performing Dingdong riders will be regularized and provided with stable income.

Photo from Dingdong PH

Those who meet the standard will be “entitled to basic government contributions, and are also covered by HMO, and life and accident insurances. Other perks and allowances will also be provided to full-time and regular riders.”

“Our intent is to qualify high-performing freelance Dingdong Partner Riders into full-time, regularized Dingdong Fleet Riders,” Dantes said. 

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Image credit: Dingdong PH’s Official Website