Sixteen more Filipinos have left the Taliban-ruled country of Afghanistan, according to the Department of Foreign Affairs. 

The agency said the repatriated individuals are now in the United Kingdom and left Kabul through a military plane. This current development now brings the total number of repatriated Filipinos to 175.

“The [DFA] confirms that an additional 16 Filipinos have left Kabul via a military flight and are now in the UK,” the department said. 

In earlier news, 13 Filipinos were able to flee from the Middle East nation and have arrived safely in Oslo, Norway. Meanwhile, two others landed in Kazakhstan and Kuwait respectively.

At present, it’s reported that 32 Filipinos are still in Afghanistan – wherein 22 are actively seeking repatriation. 

On the other hand, the DFA said eight new registered at the Philippine Embassy but are not interested in being repatriated at this time. 

The DFA also took the opportunity to express their gratitude towards the countries that have sheltered our countrymen. 

“This help is essential in enabling our people to leave safely,” said DFA.

“All repatriates, wherever they may be, who request to return to the Philippines, will be assisted.” the agency added.

Currently, Alert Level 4 has been raised for Afghanistan, which the DFA says means mandatory repatriation or evacuation of Filipinos in the country.

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Image credit: Department of Foreign Affairs;Neonbrand via Unsplash