After being stuck at home for most of 2020, a lot of us are now ready to come out of hiding and explore the outside world. With the Philippines’ pandemic condition improving and travel restrictions being dialed down, this is the best time to book a trip away from your home office and computer screen.

And one of the best places to go to is, you guessed it, Boracay! Due to coronavirus, the tourist attraction suffered millions in losses, which affected the livelihood of many people.

However, now that things are starting to look up, Boracay is ready to welcome tourists once again to its world-famous white beaches and internationally recognized accommodations.

But apart from its famed white-sand beaches, world-class hotels, and resorts, the island is also known for the adventure it hosts for your palate.

With that in mind, we’ve listed down five of the best restaurants you can visit on the island that best represents the taste of Boracay!

1. Dos Mestizos

For those who are regulars of Boracay, Dos Mestizos would be a very familiar place. It’s one of the first restaurants ever to be established on the island. 

And with over 25 years of experience in the food industry, you’re tastebuds will surely enjoy the Spanish-Filipino dishes they have to offer. 

2. Nonie’s

While many people see getaway trips and vacations as a chance to unwind from strict diets, some prefer keeping fit and healthy throughout the year. And if you’re the latter, Nonie’s is a place you need to visit!

Regarded as one of the top players in the Boracay food scene, Nonie’s offers a different approach to food by providing healthier options for its customers. 

3. Osteria Forno

If Italian food is your kind of thing when on vacation, Osteria Forno’s authentic dishes are ready for you!

The restaurant is known for its fresh creations – with pizzas straight from the oven, pasta dishes cooked to al dente, and fish harvested straight from the waters of Boracay. 

4. Cyma Boracay

Another food place that has stood the test of time on the island of Boracay is Cyma! The restaurant offers an array of Greek dishes that’s captured a lot of people through the years. 

5. Los Indios Bravos

Last but not least on this list is Los Indios Bravos. This food spot is the best place in Boracay if you’re looking to indulge yourself with good food and craft beer on tap. 

So, what are you waiting for? Book that trip now and enjoy the gastronomic adventure that awaits you in Boracay!

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Image credit: Laurentiu Morariu via Unsplash