When you think of getaways or off-the-grid trips, one of the places that immediately come to mind is the island of Siargao. It’s one of those spots known chiefly for its close connection with nature, specifically with the sea and the life that thrives below it. 

That’s the main reason why the once hidden island has become a haven of some sort for those looking to connect with themselves against the backdrop of greenery and blue waves. And, of course, for people who want to detach from the monotony of life in the city. 

However, apart from its obvious allure – its shorelines, white beaches, compelling sceneries, and its welcoming locals – Siargao is also known for what it has to offer palate-wise. 

On that note, we’ve curated a list of restaurants you can go to in Siargao if you ever find yourself visiting the island. 


For those who’ve been to Siargao before, you’re probably already familiar with hotel and resort Harana – in particular its traditional-themed accommodations and must-attend surf classes. 

But apart from that, it’s also known for its amazing food. Its menu features classic Filipino cuisine as well as dishes from the Mindanao region. 


If you’re someone who has a taste for international cuisine, Bravo is the place to be. The establishment offers an array of Spanish dishes that’s sure to satisfy anyone with a taste for the foreign.

Besides this, Bravo also offers gluten-free and vegetarian options – perfect for those who opt to eat clean. 

3. Kermit

If you prefer to eat something more casual, then visiting Kermit is your best bet. The place is famous for its authentic Italian pizzas, a surefire way to fuel long conversations with friends or family. 

To complete the Italian experience, Kermit also offers its customers a wide selection of pasta dishes – which come in all shapes and sizes. 


Looking for a taste of Southeast Asia? Then go to Warung! The restaurant is located inside Siargao Island Villas.

It’s the perfect place for those craving both traditional Malaysian and Indonesian cuisines. 

5.White Banana

If you and your friends are looking for a place to spend the night for drinks, late-night talks, and to eat, White Banana is the ideal place to hang out. Its menu is composed of a wide variety of dishes ranging from breakfast bowls to pulutan.

And as the first beach bar on the island, it offers a view of life in Siargao at night.

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Image credit: Guide to the Philippines’ Official Website