Though the Philippines is making progress when it comes to COVID-19 vaccinations, a lot of Filipinos are still reluctant to get the shot due to news of side effects.

However, one Filipino doctor is trying to change that mindset by offering a deeper look into how vaccines help protect people from severe symptoms of the coronavirus.

In a post that has since gone viral, Dr. Anne Gabriel-Chan of the Chinese General Hospital and Medical Center shared X-ray photos of patients who were struck with COVID-19.

The images featured four individuals, three of which have been fully vaccinated and showed mild to no symptoms of COVID-19.

Meanwhile, the fourth showed how coronavirus can ravage an unvaccinated person’s lungs.

According to Gabriel-Chan, the patient who’s yet to receive a vaccine came in ‘gasping for air’ and had to be hooked up to a machine.

“This patient came in gasping for air. He had severe COVID, meaning he had very high oxygen requirement, needs to be admitted in an ICU set up and requires invasive procedure such as Hemoperfusion,” she wrote on Facebook.

Gabriel-Chan urged the public to get whatever vaccine is available as it protects people from hospitalization and severe COVID-19 symptoms. 

“Yes you can still get COVID-19 even if you’re fully vaccinated but most are mild. You will be more protected and reduce the possibility of becoming severe/placed in an ICU. #vaccineswork,” she explained.

“Remember that these patients had different vaccine platforms and brands but all of them had mild to almost no symptoms at all,” Gabriel-Chan added.

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Image credit: Dr. Anne Gabriel-Chan’s Official Facebook Page