Power company TeaM Energy has successfully lit up a total of 20 public schools in the municipality of Sual, Pangasinan.

Through its CSR arm, TeaM Energy Foundation Inc. (TEFI), the company completed the installation of on-grid solar energy systems in the participating schools, which is capable of running educational tools such as computers. 

The Vice President of TEFI—Ma. Teresa Lopez—said the introduction of the solar-power systems will significantly reduce the schools’ electric bills, which could be channeled to improve other facilities.

“All 22 computer labs in the 20 public schools in Sual are equipped with solar power systems capable of powering the computer systems of these schools. This should result in significant savings in their electric bills,” Lopez said

She also took the time to acknowledge the support of the local government of Sual in their electrification project.

“We would like to thank Sual Mayor Liseldo “Dong” Calugay for helping us make this project possible,” she added.

Apart from powering their computer systems, the schools can also use the power collected from the solar grid to light up the facilities and power small equipment such as printers, photocopiers, which are all used in the production of modules for students.

According to Lopez, helping out the community through useful initiatives has been a long-term goal for them. 

“TeaM Energy is committed to working with our stakeholders in implementing high-impact CSR programs to further bring sustainable development to our host communities,” Lopez shared. 

The municipality of Saul hosts TeaM Energy’s 1,200 MW Sual Power Station. Besides this, they also have a power station in Quezon province, the 735 MW Pagbilao Power Station.

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Image credit: TeaM Energy’s Official Website