The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) is seeking to standardize traditional Filipino dishes to make them easier to promote in the international scene. 

Just last week, the agency organized a technical body tasked with developing the ‘Philippine National Standards,’ which will set standards on the cooking of traditional Filipino dishes like adobo, sisig, lechon, sinigang, and others. 

DTI’s announcement immediately became a hot debate online when it was released. 

Netizens were quick to point out that traditional Filipino dishes do not conform to a standardized recipe, noting regional and cultural differences in preparation should be given respect. 

However, DTI Secretary Ramon Lopez assured that the standards will not be mandatory and will only be used to promote the dishes internationally. 

“Obvious ba, hindi naman ho mandatory iyan. Ano lang ho iyan, parang may basic traditional recipe para kapag pinromote abroad mayroong tinatawag na ‘Philippine adobo’,” he said

“At kasi alam ninyo naman kapag abroad, sasabihin ng iba, ‘Ah, may Mexican adobo.’ Baka may umangkin pa noong ating Philippine adobo. So, kailangan lang mayroon tayong i-promote at iyan po ay ginagawa ng ibang bansa, mayroon silang traditional recipe,” Lopez explained further.

According to the trade secretary, their latest move is part of their strategy to boost ‘creative industry exports.’

“Ang priority natin is to fight the pandemic ‘no at saka iyong economic recovery… Ang bansa natin despite ng pandemic tuloy iyong mga ibang trabaho. Kasama ito actually, sa creative industry exports,” Lopez shared. 

Lopez noted that the ‘creative industry exports’ sector is an asset to the Philippine economy and will be a significant factor in its recovery. 

“Alam ninyo, malakas tayo sa mga creative industry exports na kailangan ngayon ng mga government support,” he added. 

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Image credit: Goran Kosanovic for The Washington Post via Getty Images