Oil company Shell has issued a warning to the public and all of its customers after concerns were raised over a circulating survey online imitating the multinational company.

Shell has released an official statement regarding the issue, saying it’s a phishing scam.

Photo from Shell’s Official Facebook Page

According to the petroleum giant, the scam is promising cash prizes to its victims after they fill out a survey form, which asks for sensitive and personal information.

If you aren’t already aware, phishing is a type of social engineering attack, which targets individuals’ data.

It often occurs when an attacker or a ‘scammer’ is pretending to be a trusted entity – Shell in this case – and dupes unsuspecting victims to willingly provide their information.

Shell has urged the public to be more ‘diligent’ when it comes to links claiming to be from the company.

“We ask the public to please be diligent when clicking on links claiming to be from Shell. A malicious link, promising a chance to win a cash prize, has been circulating online. This did not originate from Shell. We only use official platforms to communicate our offers,” Shell said in a statement.

Shell emphasized that links that originate from their verified platforms are the only ones the public should consider legitimate.

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Image credit: Shell’s Official Facebook Page