Robinsons Land Corporation has announced the expansion of their Robinsons Metro East mall, which will connect to the Marikina station of the Light Rail Transit Line 2 (LRT-2).

The Marikina Station is one of two new stations built on the east side of the LRT-2 – with the other one being the Antipolo Station. As of July 6, both stations are now active.

On Tuesday (July 6), the real-estate company confirmed their expansion plan, which they note was inspired by Hong Kong’s malls, which are connected via their MRT system.

According to Robinsons, ‘The Link’ will be built in the second level of the shopping mall and will host different stalls.

“Located on the second level, The Link will have a mini-grocery, drugstore, optical shops, bank, grab-and-go food kiosks, and pasalubong shops for your last-minute shopping,” Robinsons Malls Regional Operations Director Myron Yao shared in a statement.

The new structure will be 4,000 square meters big and is also set to feature medical and wellness facilities, Korean store No Brand, and a Pet Lovers Center.

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Image credit: Robinsons Land Corporation